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Our services centre around supporting your needs and requirements with proven open source software solutions

GeoSpatial Solutions

Geospatial data analysis and visualisation is a key enabler for creating successful Location Intelligence solutions. This includes standard GIS desktop applications, Geospatial Content Management, and 2D & 3D geospatial visualisation frameworks. Standards-based, mature, flexible and functionality rich open source alternatives abound in this solution space.

Sensor Data Distibution

Sensors and the streaming or distribution of sensor data is the foundation of any IoT application or solution. We provide DarkMatterTM, a multi-sensor, multi-source, data streaming service and application to manage and take care of this requirement. Proprietary and open source alternatives are surported in our IoT Stack framework depending on customer requirements.

Visual & Big Data Analytics

Visual Analytics and Big Data Analytics is the crux of creating value from geo-located data. This ranges from customer churn analysis, social network analysis, crime pattern analysis, Activity Based Intelligence (ABI)  as well as streaming analytics frameworks like Apache SparkTM.  We provide solutions and analytical services in a variety of topic areas and markets.

Big Data Storage

Sensor based data generally conforms to the characteristics of Big Data: volume, velocity, variety and veracity. Storage systems must be able to meet the requirements set by these characteristics. Click on the icon above to view our products and solutions including the likes of Apache CassandraTM, SolrTM, and graph databases like Titan.
Open Source Software we recommend as part of our solution frameworks
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