Sensor Data Streaming Service
A proprietary next-generation, intermediary layer, multi-sensor, multi-source, data streaming and distribution service streamlined to send high volumes of data
In developing Internet of Things solutions it is important to consider the "IoT" stack, comprising very distinct layers, as can be seen in the diagram on the right.  This layer stack includes a sensor layer, intermediary sensor web layer and application layer where interaction with end-users and computers reside.

It is in this sensor web layer where DarkMatterTM acts as an middleware layer bridging between sensors and applications. It can be used in the following environments:
Smart Agriculture
Industrial Control & Logistics
Smart Environment
Vehicle Tracking
Smart Cities
Smart Metering
Safety & Security

DarkMatterTM is a proprietary next-generation sensor agnostic data distribution service developed to stream high volumes of data in real-time. It is a sensor processing framework that inputs data from multiple sensors ranging from mobile phones to air surveillance radar. It processes sensor data in a common framework and outputs integrated products across multiple data types.

DarkMatterTM provides a middleware data streaming service were specialized adaptors allows the inputs from different sensors types and other data sources such as SQL databases to CSV files to be transformed and standardized into a single protocol. DarkMatter sensor data consumers or listeners use a Packet Protocol API to receive data irrespective of the supported sensor type.
Can be applied by:
Benefits & Charateristics
Customers and Systems Integrators wanting to sensor enable applications such as websites, software and ad hoc systems
C4ISR Systems Integrators
Commercial and Military customers wanting to sensor enable visualisation and geospatial applications
Sensor Agnostic
Reduce development cost
Reduce development time
Speed up time to market of software products and applications
Cloud or on-premise capability
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