Geo-referencing to discover
Data integration and association before exploitation
Data neutrality - equal viability of all data sources
Sequence neutrality
We combined these ABI principles together with elements of our open source software framwork to create an ABI platform for a customer to counter copper cable theft in South Africa. The system fuses sensor, camera and live field reporting into a real-time geospatial visualisation environment as well as a NoSQL storage backend. Geospatial analysis products are loaded into a Geoserver and served as spatial layers into the real-time visualisation environment. This provides a high level of operational intelligence and situational awareness in preventing copper theft in high risk areas.

The principles of ABI are also highly applicable to determining activities, patterns and trends of your customers and suppliers in space and time.   
It is in the field of Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) where our use of software and skills add most value.  ABI is a relatively new intelligence analysis paradigm that fuses Big Data Analytics, Geospatial Visualisation and Nodal Analysis into a framework focusing on the activities and transactions of individuals and entities in space and time. The main principles of  which are:
Defence & Intelligence

Our geospatial and visualisation technology and software has wide applications in the defence industry. This includes the development of C4ISR systems, radar video plot and track extraction, track fusion and radar visualisation interfaces.   We have successfully integrated a range of radar systems, via the DarkmatterTM sensor data distribution service into commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and open source geospatial software environments. Open source geospatial software also offers a cost effective, highly scalable and equally advanced alternatives to proprietary systems in the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) solutions market. 


The maritime environment has traditionally been a sensor rich environment. Sensor enabled systems are pervasive on vessels and related equipment. This ranges between vessel performance monitoring to catch sensor systems.   DarkMatterTM is specifically suited to integrate sensors and stream the telemetry data to real-time monitoring interfaces and ship-based data storage systems.

Space and power is always a problem and our solutions take specific cognisance of these issues with miniturisation of components without  degrading performance.  We provide innovative and highly cost effective sensor-to-analysis solutions in the Maritime environment including, vessel and AIS tracking and awareness solutions. Storage and analysis of vessel sensor data enables the management of highly valuable Intelectual Property and fishing knowledge. 
Piracy Report - For the latest news and risk analysis of global priracy incidents and trends access the website and archived reports here.  The report is sponsored by both Suritec Geospatial and Amahlo Consulting. All reports and analyses are provided my utilising software tools listed elsewhere on this website. Analysis is provided by a senior Suritec Geospatial piracy analyst.
River and flood detection
Forrest and veld fire detection
Radiation level detection
Chemical leakage detection
Toxic gas levels
Explosive and hazardous gases
The solution provides a real time geospatial interface for Risk and Disaster Management Centres ensuring situational awareness for decision-makers. This allows for optimal resource allocation and adequate command and control of 1st  responders in emergency situations. 
Risk & Disaster Management

Our open source "IoT Stack" provides excellent and cost effective solutions for linking sensors to real-time geospatial monitoring systems to provide early warning for: 
Spatially enabled sensor solutions can provide detailed analysis of field and crop conditions and the resultant precision enables significant cost savings and potential increases in yields.

Considerable success has been achieved in Vineyard Health Monitoring using Libelium sensors in Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia. This is also the case for Olive Trees, Tobacco Plants and fruit such as strawberries in Italy.  Significant loss reduction and fruit quality improvements have been achieved with greenhouse strawberries.

Sensor based solutions in agriculture are also applicable to yield measurement, plant disease monitoring, greenhouse management, livestock disease monitoring and virtual fencing.
Smart Agriculture

Modern sensor technology and systems underpin the generation of reliable telemetry data which is the essence of smart agriculture. Cost effective micro-sensors are avialable to monitor parameters such as leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, trunk and stem diameter and solar radiation amongst many other.

Data sensing, communication, storage and proccessing are key steps required to enable smart agriculture. Flexibility and agility provided by our open source software framework alow us to design custom smart agriculture solutions for prospective clients for a fraction of the costs of proprietary software vendors. These solutions can be cloud based or on premises.
Smart Industries

Our unique "Thing Stack" software framework allows us to support a wide range of industries and verticals. The ablilty to stream a wide variety of sensor data, in real-time, to big-data storage environments allow us to meet the future challenges of Smart Industries. 

The advantage provided by combining DarkMatterTM in live streaming of sensor data into a Apache Spark stream analytics application, is unique from this perspective.  This means that businesses and governmental entities may ingest and analyse data at the same time. Streaming analytics allow organizations and entities to be truly pro-active and to deal with issues, risk and opportunities as they happen - not reactively after some time has passed.

The speed at which sensors are becomming available in the IoT, real-time analytics of streamed sensor data will become crucial in any Smart Industry or vertical.
We support the development of advanced situational awareness and geospatial analysis tools for frontline environmental agencies and non-profit organizations. Mapping, tracking, and analysing the information space in threatened ecosystems is just as beneficial for environmental protection efforts as it is for supporting informed decision making in conflict zones, disaster areas and in driving socio-economic development in marginalised areas. Insights into the situation on the ground and the impacts of various threats and interventions offer and undeniable adavantage to change managers in these type of environments.
Smart Environment

Envisage an environment in which sensors, actuators, computational analytics and visualization of geospatial patterns contribute to a more sustainable use of natural resources. This in now a reality by applying the principles and technologies associated with the Internet of Things to natural resource management. The SMART nature of this environment is realized through the networked character of disparate sensors providing feedback in real-time regarding the state of environmental variables. This allows for rapid responses to changes in the environment and enhanced decision-making regarding the optimal management of natural environmental resources.
Please click on the document to download more information regarding our support relationship with Reef Unite, a non-profit focussed on community-led coral reef conservation solutions.
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