IoT Stack Product Framework

Location Intelligence is a capability to visualise geospatial data in order to analyse and identify patterns and trends - it brings together geospatial analysis and business intelligence. It enables organisations to view and analyse data in space and time.  Making sense of geospatial data patterns has become a crucial element in the Internet of Things and the resulting Big Data it is generating. Location is a nexus dimension of intelligence platforms driving decision-making in business-critical processes and operations.

Value opportunities are created for businesses by linking sensors, end-devices, objects, data networks and analysing the resulting Big Data it is generating.  In order to provide solutions for our clients in harnessing these opportunities and creating business value we have created a product framework to support the "Thing Stack" as coined by PwC.

Cost is always a factor, and for this reason we have selected best-of-breed open source software as building blocks in this framework. We have created very successful and unique systems for some of our clients through the integration of these technologies into solutions to harness the IoT.  The only proprietary element in our framework is DarkMatterTM an in-house developed sensor agnostic data streaming software service.
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