Our IoT in a Box concept is flexible - DarkMatterTM allows us to stream data from almost any sensor or edge devices to a head-end database or visualisation client on premises or in the cloud. Your requirements will determine which elements of our product framework are needed to design and deliver a tailor-made solution for your business or project.
IoT Solutions in a Box

By taking care of all the software necessary to support the different layers of the "Thing Stack", we are able to provide quick and easy solutions to support and harnass Internet-of-Things projects and opportunities that our clients are contemplating.

Contact us to design solutions for your Internet of Things or smart technology requirements. We recommend using edge sensor devices such as those provided by Libelium or open source variants like Arduino. Libelium have more than 111 sensors for use in IoT applications ranging from Smart Agriculture to Air Quality monitoring. Libelium provide sensors for a range of verticals such as :
Smart Cities
Smart Agriculture
Smart Security
Radiation Control
Smart Water
Smart Parking
Trafic Congestion
Air Quality
Noise Urban Maps
Smart Lighting
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